Im... Uh.... Momiji ;)

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Im... Uh.... Momiji ;)

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:37 am

Well.. Uh...
Ich Mag Kuchen Wink

I started play mkwii in 2008's XMas, I started FTW hacking @ about the April of 2010, I started FTL hacking a month later, I got the VR hack ect. about 2 months later, then @ 2010 Xmas, I stoped playing mkwii... o.o @ about 2010 September I started playing again, Im more better now Wink ALOT BETTER o.o

I was the founder of the shitty HP - Hackers and pros clan Razz

Some ways to contact me! (Come @ mah bro Cool )
1. Revenge Xat Chat
Im not telling my name, just ask for "Momiji" or "Jason" ill respond if im there Wink
My YT is: HaxxRUs31515vr
My Skype is private Wink
Imma not gonna tell ya my email Razz

Bis bald! Wink



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